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Want to Increase Revenues? Help Your Sales Team Sell On Value, Not Price | Inc.

Salespeople, especially those who are unseasoned or just average, are afraid of rejection.  They think that to make a sale happen, they need to be loved–and just like my 4 year-old who offers up anything and everything including “being my best friend” when he wants to win an argument–they offer the sun, the moon, and the stars. The truth is, however, being the best friend of your customer, the way most sales reps define it, will mean forsaking the needs of your company, rather than finding a way for both your client and your business to get what they need. These tips will allow them to sell with confidence and compassion.

3. Your product is priced correctly. Discounts, promotions, and sales are unnecessary when the customer sees the value in your product or service. If your sales reps feel they have to resort to price haggling, they have not adequately communicated the value of the product to the customer–and they need to go back to step 1, and make their proposition clearer–rather than trying to get the close by throwing in meaningless extras.

Salespeople do the best when they understand that their customers will love them for listening carefully, for being knowledgeable, for telling the truth, and for helping their customer to make the right decision. There is no need to make empty promises, act aggressive, or cut prices. Customers feel most assured when they know that what they are buying will meet their needs and cost accordingly.

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Want to Increase Revenues? Help Your Sales Team Sell On Value, Not Price | Inc.com.

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