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Washington state’s big bet on ‘free college’ | The Conversation

Washington state doesn’t have a problem finding educated people to work in its booming high-tech economy – it’s just most of those people come from out of state.

This is why Washington enacted the landmark Workforce Education Investment Act into law in May 2019.

The main idea behind the new law is to make college more affordable. It does so by providing state aid grants that will cover much or all of tuition for more Washington resident students – 36,000 more by 2021 who are eligible based on their income, according to a Senate source with knowledge of the plan. This will be done through the new Washington College Grant.

The bill was passed at a time when several presidential candidates are pushing ambitious plans on college affordability. Washington state Gov. Jay Inslee, himself a presidential candidate, has said the bill puts Washington state “ahead of the nation” in providing college access, but has not made it a centerpiece of his campaign.

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Washington state’s big bet on ‘free college’.

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