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Watch: Minimum alcohol pricing in Scotland | Euronews

Let’s say you have a drinking problem — as a nation — and, let’s say, as the government, you wanted to do something about that. What are your options? There’s restricting alcohol or banning alcohol sales, there’s taxation which raised prices on all alcohol. But come May 1st, Scotland will become the first country to try a third strategy — minimum alcohol pricing.

“What minimum pricing does and it does it exquisitely well, it disproportionately affects the cheapest brands way more than you raise the prices of anything else. Taxation doesn’t do that,” says Dr Eric Carlin, director of Scottish Health Action on Alcohol Problems (SHAAP).

This isn’t about fine whiskies. Essentially, Scotland’s trying to knock out the bottom of the alcohol market

“Your cheap ciders, £3.99 for three litres, will really bump massively in price — £11 and £12,” Dr Carlin continues. “We really hope that it will drive them out of the market altogether, products which are killing most people and are killing poor people more than they’re killing anyone else.”

But while minimum pricing could be effective, Claire Gallagher of Turning Point Scotland feels certain people will be disproportionately affected.

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Watch: Minimum alcohol pricing in Scotland | Euronews.

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