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What is Peak Pricing? – Support Center | moviepass

Peak pricing is a new dynamic pricing system based on the demand for particular showtimes. After taking into consideration demand for a title, date, or time of day is higher, subscribers may be asked to pay a small additional fee depending on the level of demand. You can avoid this peak surcharge by choosing an alternative date or film, and every subscriber will be able to waive one peak fee per month.

Why is MoviePass doing this?

The new peak pricing feature is aimed at providing additional flexibility for us and our users around popular movies and times for which there is limited inventory. We are building peak pricing to be flexible and will be able to tweak it as needed based on the community’s response.

How are peak prices determined?

Peak prices are determined based on movie demand and popularity.

What movies will be impacted by peak pricing?

Movies that are high in demand for title, date, or time of day will be impacted.

Are all opening weekend movies subject or peak pricing or will it just be a few showings for specific movies?

It will be based on movie demand so some weekends will have it, and others will not.

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What is Peak Pricing? – Support Center.