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What Marketers Can Learn From Burger King’s Geo-Conquesting Strategy Against McDonald’s | Adweek

History has given us many storied accounts of competition: Coca-Cola versus Pepsi; Apple versus Microsoft; Marvel versus DC; Starbucks versus Dunkin.

The ferocity of rivalry competition has propelled entire industries and the economy forward as the underdog is forced to innovate to get ahead. There’s only one number one, while the remaining 99.9 percent of companies aggressively attempt to stay top-of-mind with their current customers and try to acquire new ones. This means brands protectively pay a premium across multiple marketing channels for future security. Brands protect things like securing shelf space, retail locations with prime foot traffic or optimizing bids to secure a top-ranked ad placement.

But now, there’s a new threat to brand momentum: The physical air around your brand. The air around that premium shelf or that prime real estate. No longer is air a benign, life-giving entity.

Take McDonald’s, one of the largest real estate companies in the world, who recently saw one of their assets become a top threat overnight. Burger King leveraged an audience targeting capability to identify individuals within a certain area in order to run a campaign. How did they take things one step further? They weaponized McDonald’s assets to their advantage.

Some digital targeting allows for an ability to create a custom perimeter around a certain area, like a retail storefront. In McDonald’s case, this was done by using physical McDonald’s locations. When an audience member (with location services enabled) enters or exits the perimeter, an action is triggered, often in the form of a notification.

Burger King established a 600-foot perimeter around McDonald’s properties and triggered a coupon for a one cent Whopper and directions to the nearest location. Ultimately, they used McDonald’s real estate asset against them. This is the concept of geo-conquesting, or the act of overtaking a competitor’s location. The underdog “innovated” to get ahead.

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What Marketers Can Learn From Burger King’s Geo-Conquesting Strategy Against McDonald’s – Adweek.

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