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Wheels: By air or by car | Conway Daily Sun

Some quick internet research reveals some resources for our comparison, but first, a couple of assumptions. Since I’m making this hypothetical comparison using the circumstances of my daughter’s trip, a few variables can be ruled out. Her trip was one-way, so no leaving a car at the airport to drive home upon return and no personally owned vehicle to drive to New York, unless it is being abandoned or sold upon arrival there. Also, no EZ Pass or toll tag and no extensive personal belongings — just a small carry-on that will fit in an overhead compartment.

The window of departure had little flexibility, so taking advantage of cheap airfares was limited. Similarly, points of departure are equally limited unless a family member or close friend is willing to spend an entire workday driving around.

The times and mileage used here are based on speed limits and quickest routing, taking into account average traffic and delays. Yes, I know, travel times can be greatly reduced by driving at mach 8, but they also can be lengthened by waiting for an arraignment. Gas prices are the current average, and tolls were figured at their current rate. Cost of a rental car and airfare are base prices — no additional insurance, comforts, food, drinks or extra baggage calculated.

Flying out of Portland or Boston, costs are pretty similar, and a quick search shows rates between $69 and $259 non-stop. Other routes included stops in D.C. and Philadelphia, with correspondingly longer flight times if you’re desperate enough to hop one of those planes.

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