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Whole Foods calls meeting with key vendors as tensions flare | CNBC

A major point of debate for its larger vendors is the new servicing fee, proposed in the last few months, which will charge vendors for Whole Foods’ efforts to centralize its merchandising, sources said. Still, some of the sources noted their reliance on Whole Foods as a customer gives them little power with which to bargain.

Traditionally, with both Whole Foods and most grocers, food companies could pay brokers to help manage everything that happens from the grocery stock room to the shelves. The distance from the back room to shelves has been called some of the most expensive mileage on the planet.

These brokers fulfill a number of functions, but their key role is to make sure products are displayed well and taken care of. That could mean anything from making sure there are more granola bars on the shelf when those bars are on sale, keeping the freshest yogurt on the top of rack, or strategically hiding under-stocked goods. Brokers can also use the relationships they wield to make their case for more shelf-space.

Now, Whole Foods wants to control that process, and will charge some companies roughly 3 to 5 percent of sales for the service. The shift was first reported by the Washington Post.

Vendors are not happy. Some say that fee is too high. Others note that being forced to use Whole Foods’ systems hurts their relationship with their personal brokers, on whom they rely for the rest of their grocery business. By paying Whole Foods to do the merchandising, vendors have less money and less product to give their brokers that manage relations with other retailers.

Whole Foods hasn’t disclosed its reason for shifting to this model, but one key advantage that it could give them is data. Brokers represent multiple brands and work with multiple retailers. Cutting them out of the process means Whole Foods limits the number of people that know what goes on in its stores and who can share that information with others.

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Whole Foods calls meeting with key vendors as tensions flare.