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Whole Foods Under Amazon Is Still The Priciest. Do We Care? | RetailWire

Despite Amazon.com’s publicity push to promote price cuts at Whole Foods, the chain remains the highest price grocer in the land, according to a new study by Bank of America Merrill Lynch (BOA).

The study, which included the round of price cuts announced on April 3rd that the grocer claimed included deeper discounts and double the number of exclusive deals for Prime members, doesn’t appear to have moved the needle on the chain’s pricing competitiveness compared to other grocers.

BOA’s research included 10 pricing studies in eight different metropolitan areas around the country over the past year. The last of these took place after Whole Foods announced its latest price cuts.

“In Philadelphia, Whole Foods’ basket was still priced at a +39 percent premium to Walmart (the grocer with the lowest overall average prices). Produce [was] still at a +25 percent basket premium to Walmart, and center-of-store items at a +58 percent premium to Walmart,” BOA analyst Robert Ohmes told CNBC.

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Whole Foods Under Amazon Is Still The Priciest. Do We Care?.

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