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Why Agency Pricing Needs to Evolve | Convince and Convert

I had one of the most energizing client negotiations of my career recently. It wasn’t a Fortune 500 marketing VP wanting to work with us. It wasn’t even a regional brand that I recognized. It was a small time retail company that had almost no online presence and very little track record.

After the initial call, I was skeptical. Would they have the budget? Should I spend time on a proposal when, chances are, they would be scared away by price?

Instead of expecting the worst, I stuck with it. I entered the next call with an open mind. A second call turned into a third, and third into a fourth. I pulled my strategy team in to look at the competition and market potential. The conversation evolved into something I never expected.

Why Was This Conversation So Energizing?

The conversation was honest and transparent. Neither party pushed their weight. I wasn’t ever questioned, doubted, or put on the spot. I didn’t have to reiterate the value of working with my marketing agency or convince anyone why we were better than the next agency. I added value without expecting immediate remuneration.

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Why Agency Pricing Needs to Evolve | Convince and Convert: Social Media Consulting and Content Marketing Consulting.

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