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Why Cyptocurrency Prices Are Plummeting | Forbes

It’s been a rocky month for cryptoassets with Bitcoin falling below $4,000 in early December.

November saw the firms Paragon and Airfox settle cases with SEC on the failure to register their ICOs as security offerings, in line with the Howey Test. Any promise of token price appreciation is now a ground for the blockchain platforms to fall under the preview of securities regulation.

On a positive note for cryptoasset enthusiasts, SEC Chairman Jay Clayton has now called for a laddered approach to regulating ICO/IPOs indicating publicly traded companies and start-ups should be regulated differently depending on their market size. Watch this space.

In the first in a series of articles on cryptoassets with Navoop Sahdev, economist and fellow at MIT Connection Science, we explored the role of crytpocurrencies in future societies. In this second article, we explore why cryptocurrency prices are plummeting and attempt to put cryptocurrencies in a clearer context with fiat currencies.

Lawrence Wintermeyer: Why are cryptocurrency prices rapidly declining? Is this market correction of some sort or is the crypto bubble finally bursting?

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Why Cyptocurrency Prices Are Plummeting.