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Why Does A Once-Free Drug Now Cost $375,000 A Year? | Care2 Causes

Senator Bernie Sanders is taking on a large pharmaceuticals company and demanding to know why a life-saving drug for a rare condition has seen its price increase by hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Sanders, who has made the problem of drug pricing a major focus of his time in the Senate, released a letter dated February 4 and addressed to the company Catalyst Pharmaceuticals. In the letter Sanders charges the company with being “greedy” and of exploiting the American people.

A drug to treat a rare neuromuscular disorder called Lambert-Eaton myasthenic syndrome (LEMS) used to be free under Jacobus Pharmaceutical. However, since Catalyst Pharmaceuticals took over the license last year and gained a monopoly on the drug, it is now slated for an annual list price of $375,000 under the brand name Firdapse.

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Why Does A Once-Free Drug Now Cost $375,000 A Year? | Care2 Causes.

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