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Faster Sales.  There have been several studies that demonstrate sellers who use an agent to sell their home sell it faster, on average, than those who choose to sell by themselves. In many cases, this can be a very valuable benefit (for example, if your job requires you to move).

Higher Net Proceeds. A study recently published found that FSBO properties tend to sell “significantly below” similar homes sold through agents – and in many cases below the average differential of the prevailing commission rate (see http://collateralanalytics.com/saving-real-estate-commissions-at-any-price/).  Essentially, this means that people who go FSBO not only choose to take on the process, negotiations, paperwork, and legal risk, by themselves, but they also walk away with less money on the back end.

Pricing Strategy. Just as buyers face information overload, sellers can be overwhelmed by a surfeit of information when trying to determine the market value of their home and how to maximize its value. A high-quality agent can use hyper-local expertise to give you a more accurate opinion of your home’s value – not pricing too high so you scare away buyers or too low so you leave money on the table.

Negotiation Advocate. 88 percent of buyers have a real estate agent negotiating on their behalf. Not having your own advocate can put you at a significant disadvantage. In fact, a good listing agent will help you achieve your best possible negotiating position before you even hit the market (because he knows that once you sign a contract with a buyer, the power dynamic shifts to the buyer, which can take an unrepresented seller by surprise).

Real estate, like life, continues to become more complicated – and the stakes (property values and legal risks) continue to grow. Nowhere is that more the case than in the Boulder Valley. With all the value and clarity modern agents bring, it’s no wonder most people choose to use them.

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