Why London’s Uber ban will divide opinion | Sky News

In an era in which most cars are routinely equipped with GPS, the years spent by traditional black taxi drivers learning “The Knowledge” – the ability to decide the quickest and most efficient route without referring to a map – have been rendered surplus to requirements.

In spite of all this, TfL has effectively decided to protect the rights of London’s black cab drivers and put them above any right Londoners might have to get around their city more cheaply.

Some will argue this decision, potentially, is turning the clock back to the bad old days when, 20 years ago or so, it was difficult to obtain a black cab late at night and Londoners were driven into the arms – quite often literally so – of an illegal minicab tout.

Others who have fallen foul of Uber’s “dynamic pricing” model – under which fares vary depending on supply and demand – will argue that traditional black cabs are actually cheaper than Uber a lot of the time.

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Why London’s Uber ban will divide opinion.