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Why Retail Pricing Policy on Amazon Needs Reviewing | FXDailyReport

CNBC lately reported that retailers still chose Amazon when it comes to retail pricing policy. Why? The global marketplace provides the retailers with more spacious room to use their own price for the products. Of course, Amazon requires all brands to offer the most competitive price for all products they sell on the marketplace. In addition, it does not allow its partner brands to sell their products at lower prices than those offered on Amazon. What does this mean for brands?

What Does Retail Pricing Policy on Amazon Mean?
Besides the two policies mentioned above, Amazon applies certain regulations for its partners. For instance:

  • Brands are not allowed to run pay-per-click ads for the products. In fact, PPC ads may account for huge sales driver in many brands.
  • It penalizes brands that do not offer the best prices for products sold on Amazon. In this case, Amazon may discount the price as a penalty.
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Why Retail Pricing Policy on Amazon Needs Reviewing.

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