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I showed more value to my clients, I did more continuing education, but I was making less money. I was the little bird flapping ever harder just to continue losing altitude. It was exhausting and disheartening, and I didn’t even realize it. I thought that was simply how things were done. Then I found another way.

At Scaling New Heights 2015 I took Ron Baker’s course on Value Pricing. It rocked my world. I realized that I had been drastically undercharging for my services. My invoicing methods were creating a situation that encouraged my clients to question my integrity and complain. I was creating this stressful situation with my own limiting beliefs.

When I returned from the conference, my team and I decided to give fixed prices a try. We rolled out proposals one client at a time. As we learned and changed little things with each one, the results amazed us! Clients who had previously bickered over 15 minutes on our bill were now thrilled to have a package with us.

The clients that were not thrilled were the ones that were a headache to work with, anyway. We saw that they were never going to be happy, no matter what we did. Not wanting to switch to a fixed-price package just reinforced that we were not the best fit for each others needs. That made it easy for us to let them go. It was time for them to find someone else to help them. There were many clients that we didn’t even bother to offer packages to; we just sent them our termination notice and moved on.

The clients we love most went for our packages without hesitation. They more than made up for the revenue loss of the ones we let go. Now, we are so much happier to ONLY be working with our favorite clients.

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Why we Love Value Pricing: Concerns and Myths Dispelled!.