With a New App, You Can Live the Yacht Life for $120 a Day | Bloomberg

Yachting the French Riviera carries connotations of Champagne-fueled deck parties, zipping around the turquoise sea on jet skis, and having a crew to spray your sun-dappled face with Evian mist—all for the bare-minimum price of $10,000 per week.

Sort of like Bolt Bus or MegaBus, Float is built on the principle of dynamic pricing: If demand is high, the €99 rates might climb. (Boude expects the prices to max out at €199, or $235.)

And that price point does imply certain limitations. While there’s hot food to go with those fabulous drinks, it’s preprepared and then heated by a basic onboard crew—you’re not splurging on a private chef. If you want to add an experience like jet skiing or fishing, that’s an extra cost.

“Most of our clients, about 90 percent, never eat on board anyway—they go to restaurants instead,” says Boude, adding that thus far the service has been especially popular with Formula One drivers such as Max Verstappen.

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With a New App, You Can Live the Yacht Life for $120 a Day – Bloomberg.