With Bizjet Pricing Still Soft, Embraer Stresses Value | Aviation International News

As pricing for new business aircraft remains soft in the current market environment, Embraer Executive Jets is embarking on “a strategic shift from price to value,” newly installed company president and CEO Michael Amalfitano told AIN on Tuesday. He said that “value” includes production innovation, service and support, aircraft reliability and responsiveness to customers. Notably, price wasn’t included in his list.

“Aircraft reliability is in our DNA,” he said, noting that the company started out making regional airliners. “We’ve also made great strides in aircraft innovation, including offering the only fly-by-wire control system in the midsize category via the Legacy 450 and 500, and we’ve built up an executive jet support network that was rated number one in last year’s AIN Product Support Survey.”

In addition, Amalfitano pointed out that Embraer Executive Jets rated highest of all business jet OEMs in “aircraft value for price paid” in the latest reader survey from AIN sister publication Business Jet Traveler. In fact, 48 percent of respondents in the survey said its aircraft offered “excellent value,” with a further 44 percent saying Embraer’s business jets offer “good value.”

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With Bizjet Pricing Still Soft, Embraer Stresses Value | Business Aviation News: Aviation International News.