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Xenophon’s power to the people on fuel prices | News.com.au

MOTORISTS have won a long-running battle to get access to live online fuel price information provided by the State Government.

The RAA has been lobbying for the service for years, similar to schemes interstate which show the exact bowser price per litre at all service stations, and also allow motorists to monitor and take advantage of the price cycle.

Attorney-General John Rau said yesterday the Labor Party would bring in an act of Parliament to make the reform happen.

Mr Rau said: “If re-elected a Labor Government will legislate to force the publication of real-time fuel price information. The release of transparent fuel information will enable consumers to shop around to find the best price.”

Liberal Party spokesman Corey Wingard said the Liberals would announce more cost-of-living measures later in the election campaign.

Of Mr Rau’s plan, which would give map app developers access to the price data on a state government website, Mr Wingard said: “Any measure that helps families and businesses save money on fuel has to be considered’’.

“Motorists could save hundreds of dollars a year if the State Government provided real time pricing information from individual service stations,’’ Mr Borlace said.

“Price differences can mean more than $14 when filling the tank of a typical family sedan.’’

Clearview single parent Chris Hombsch said the service would be far better than what was currently available for him, which allowed a search only of price bands.

“There are one or two services around but the government should provide an exact price service,’’ he said.

“I drive a borrowed car and I have a 250km drive each fortnight to pick up my son, so it affects me hugely.”

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Xenophon’s power to the people on fuel prices.