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Yellow cab hail apps may adopt surge pricing model | NY Daily News

Surge pricing could be coming to yellow cabs, and Taxi TV screens may be going, under new proposals voted on by the Taxi and Limousine Commission Thursday.

Apps used to hail yellow and green cabs — Curb and Arro are the two main companies — can bring surge pricing to e-hail trips under the TLC’s two-year “Flex Price” pilot, as long as it offers an upfront price before the trip starts.

With upfront pricing, the apps will be able to file their own fare structures with the TLC, allowing them to offer surge pricing.

Taxi officials hope this change will make riders used to Uber willing to take yellow and green cabs.

“This pilot leverages the natural capabilities of e-hail apps to allow the taxi industry to compete for non-streethail passengers,” TLC technology and innovation director Jeff Garber said at Thursday’s meeting.

The TLC has four approved e-hail apps for yellow and green cabs — Curb, Arro, Via, and Waave.

Those companies can apply for the TLC’s Flex Price pilot and give taxi officials their own prices for trips.

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Yellow cab hail apps may adopt surge pricing model – NY Daily News.