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Yes Madam bets on affordability, transparency to disrupt the beauty services market | Your Story

A trip to the beauty salon can easily set you back by a few thousand rupees. While looking and feeling good come at a price, there is no transparency when it comes to this particular price.

With this in mind, online beauty services aggregator Yes Madam set up services in 2016, and the founders are looking at the platform’s unique pricing strategy to help them create their own niche. While new-age service platforms such as Urban Clap, Housejoy, and beauty services startups including Bengaluru-based B’Glam, Mumbai-based BigStylist, and others have worked to disrupt the Indian beauty services market, pricing often remains a pain point.

According to the Indian Brand Equity Foundation (IBEF), the beauty services market will be a $20 billion industry by 2025.

What is the unique strategy that Yes Madam is banking on?

Yes Madam claims to offer complete transparency in terms of pricing by using mono doses of products, and charging for per-minute service.

Mayank Arya, Co-founder of Yes Madam says, “The beauty service prices charged by salons and other platforms are often deceiving and expensive as customers are not aware of the material cost. They use products from big boxes or bottles, and it is close to impossible to calculate the cost of material used for a particular service.”

Yes Madam wants to change this scenario by offering pocket-friendly and fair prices for its services.

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Yes Madam bets on affordability, transparency to disrupt the beauty services market.