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Your Airbnb Pricing Strategy Sucks | LearnAirbnb.com

Choose the right price for your Airbnb listing and never have to touch again right?  Wrong!

If you’re not adjusting your pricing regularly based on competitive trends, seasons, and special events, you’re leaving money on the table.  Here are the most common mistakes made with Airbnb pricing.

Pricing Too High Too Early

When you first list your unit, especially if it’s your first unit, you have little credibility with the community.  It’s difficult to compete against established hosts and units that have 10′s or 100′s of reviews.  You need your Airbnb pricing well below the market price initially to capture the initial bookings.

Pricing Too Low Too Long

But after you build up your reviews, you’ll need to raise your prices accordingly.  While it feels nice to be fully booked out for the next 3 months, your very high occupancy that far into the future only means one thing: your unit is priced too low and you’re missing out on profits. Raise prices until you are mostly booked 2-4 weeks out but are only 50% booked 4-8 weeks out.

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Your Airbnb Pricing Strategy Sucks.

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