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AWS Pricing Calculator promises better cost estimates, with limitations | TechTarget

If you need to estimate the cost to run a new application on AWS, it often involves sorting out different components, such as compute, storage, load balancing, licensing and data transfer costs.

In 2009, Amazon created the AWS Simple Monthly Calculator so users could generate a quick and dirty estimate of how these costs were likely to add up. Perhaps due for an update, AWS recently added AWS Pricing Calculator, which will eventually replace the older-generation tool. It promises finer grained calculations and better collaboration capabilities. However, Pricing Calculator still has a few core limitations and internal development left to complete before it takes over for other cost-estimation tools from AWS and third parties.

Key benefits of AWS Pricing Calculator
The Pricing Calculator’s main function is to generate rough cost estimates for individual developers or for co-workers that share resources in larger organizations. This makes it ideal for quick comparisons of different AWS configurations and usage patterns.

An organization selects a budget for a particular use case and Pricing Calculator automatically generates recommendations for EC2 instances. Developers can also evaluate their needs based on estimated traffic in order to identify the right services to employ. This makes it easier to evaluate different pricing plans such as On-Demand, Reserved and Spot instances. A cost-optimized option can automatically recommend a mix of Reserved and On-Demand instances to improve costs.

Pricing Calculator can also combine the AWS services you plan to use into groups, based on AWS region. You can use those groups to calculate the cost to run a workload that’s distributed across regions, or to estimate the cost to run the same workload in different regions. This makes it simpler to break down expenses for complex application architectures. Groups are also useful for estimates based on an organization’s cost centers or product stacks.

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AWS Pricing Calculator promises better cost estimates, with limitations.

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