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AWS vs Google Pricing – Decoding the New AWS RI Model | Right Scale

Google vs AWS Pricing Comparison

With the announcement of this new AWS RI pricing model, we’ve updated our AWS vs Google pricing comparisons. The change in AWS RIs does not affect on-demand prices, so Google continues to offer a lower cost since reducing its prices in October 2014.

We compared Google Sustained Use discounts to AWS No Upfront RIs. These options represent the closest to an apples-to-apples comparison, since the Google Sustained Use discount does not require any upfront payment. All prices are based on Linux instances in the US East region. Keep in mind that this is a straight price comparison of similar instances. The specific performance of each instance type may vary.

In this comparison, Google has a price advantage ranging from 11 to 30 percent. However, AWS also offers more memory on the high-memory instances and twice the memory on the high-CPU instances, along with an SSD, that balances Google’s lower price. Depending on workload, the high-CPU c3 series from AWS could provide a better price/performance option.

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AWS vs Google Pricing – Decoding the New AWS RI Model.

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