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Cato WAN Study: Telcos Failing to Meet Customers’ Agility, Service, Pricing Needs | Channel Partners

Customers aren’t happy with their telcos’ wide area networking (WAN) services, but the new wave of SD-WAN companies has room to grow as well, according to the latest study.

SD-WAN provider Cato Networks‘ “Telcos and the Future of the WAN in 2019,” is chock full of results that don’t look good for the big telecommunications providers. We learned in last year’s study that the legacy telecommunications providers own a significant portion of the market, but enterprises rely on them only “grudgingly,” according to Cato.

More than 1,600 respondents fielded survey questions in December and January. Cato focused on 432 IT professionals who buy services from telcos and work with some degree of MPLS in their networks. One of their chief gripes was a lack of customer service.

“They are big and are everywhere, but have the attitude that goes with it,” said an unnamed IT professional working for a health care and pharmaceutical company with more than 250 locations. “They think that they are big and nobody has a choice, so they do business as they please.”

Time to deployment is a problem, as 73% of respondents reported a 15-day or longer waiting period for new locations (a problem AT&T is working to address with its SD-WAN Now service). Another 47% lambasted telcos for high bandwidth costs. The IT professionals collectively graded their telcos at 54 of 100 for fairness of network service pricing.

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Cato WAN Study: Telcos Failing to Meet Customers’ Agility, Service, Pricing Needs.

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