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Cloud pricing discussions at AWS re:Invent? Your cheat sheet to a complicated topic | Diginomica

As AWS re:Invent kicks off the post-Thanksgiving holiday interregnum it is worth opening the kimono on cloud pricing. Let’s be clear from the get-go – it’s complicated and coming up with the right cost profile is far from easy.

Although AWS controls and dominates the proceedings, many of the attendees use the cloud-savvy, budget-flush demographic to troll for customers, more of which are no longer loyal to the patriarch of cloud infrastructure and are spreading their business around.

There are many reasons to abandon the AWS monogamy, but cost control is chief among them. However, as a new study by RightScale demonstrates, the enormous variety of cloud services, service configurations, pricing and discount models mean that making price comparisons is better left to data scientists than financial accountants.

Prices for cloud services drop-in fits and starts, but as the competition heats up, AWS has been more willing to borrow a strategy from its retail parent by cutting prices to maintain growth. Competitive pressure demands it. According to RightScale, which tracks cloud pricing at numerous providers and included AWS, Azure Google and IBM in its latest study,

70 percent of the 104 price points we include in our comparison have gone down since our last comparison in April 2017. Although these comprise a fraction of the total price points, they represent some of the most commonly used instances.
Its comparison universe included 26 of services at each provider, and just on a relative basis, all but Google cut prices across the board. Here is a sample.

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Cloud pricing discussions at AWS re:Invent? Your cheat sheet to a complicated topic.

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