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Discussion: Amazon looks to debut Echo-only streaming music service, undercut industry pricing by half | Apple Insider

In the early days of music streaming, companies experimented with offerings priced at around $5, but those services usually came with stringent limitations on song skipping or number of registered devices. Consumer response was tepid, as users seemed willing to spend the extra money for full control over their listening experience. Industry competitors, led by Spotify and Pandora, ultimately settled on a $9.99 per month sweet spot, a price point more recently adopted by Apple Music.

As noted by today’s report, portability is one of the main draws of any streaming service. For many subscribers, the ability to keep an essentially unlimited music library in your pocket is worth the price of entry. Amazon’s plan, at least for the cheaper $4 or $5 a month version, is to add value to a family of devices used mainly at home (although the Amazon Tap is a portable bluetooth speaker). Echo already supports a number of streaming apps including Pandora, Spotify and Amazon Music, the latter of which provides Amazon Prime members free access to a comparatively small music library.

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Individual streaming music plans should start at $4.99. And family plans at $7.99.
Thats the only way you will get the massive adoption you need to make it insanely profitable. Totals prices are too expensive. $10 for Apple music and $15 for family plan?  That’s 50% more expensive then Netflix!!!
The music industry needs to realize its better to get 200,000,000 subscriptions at $5 each than 50,000,000 subs at $10 each. Once you get massive adoption then you can slowly increase the price. Cause at that point people will be ‘addicted’ to the service.
I don’t listen to enough music to make it worth $10 a month for Apple Music or anything else. At $5, maybe, but since I’m already a Amazon Prime Member, I’m already getting Amazon Prime Music for no extra cost. It works great for my needs.
I just don’t see the mass market spending $10 a month for streaming music.
The music industry needs to figure out how to price this at $4.99. Cause without a price that low it will always be niche.
And if you keep the $10 a month the younger kid’s will keep using YouTube and pay $0.
The music industry needs to get its act together soon, or else they will lose an entire generation to YouTube music. They should give discounts on royalties for larger subs. If a company sells 50 million subs they should pay less per sub than one that has only 2 million subs.

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Amazon looks to debut Echo-only streaming music service, undercut industry pricing by half.

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