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Google Expands Per Second Billing Option for Cloud Customers

Google Group Product Manager Paul Nash paradoxically informed Google cloud customers not to get too excited by it, as enterprises already signed up for Google’s existing per-minute billing option will see very little savings by moving to a per-second model—as small as a fraction of 1 percent.

The real savings will come from moving from a per-hour billing model to the per-minute billing for cloud workloads. Moving from per-hour to per-minute can be especially beneficial for applications that get short-lived, big spikes in traffic.

Mozilla is claiming that its new Firefox 57 browser, hailed as Firefox Quantum and currently available as a beta, is two times faster than its Firefox 52 release that debuted in March.

Mozilla has been incrementally adding features to Firefox over the past year to help speed up the browser, in an effort to provide better performance than Google’s rival Chrome. The April Firefox 53 release added the Quantum Compositor feature, which helps reduce the number of browser crashes due to graphics issues.

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Google Expands Per Second Billing Option for Cloud Customers.

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