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How I’m Gearing Up for Dynamic Awards Pricing | Frugal Travel Guy

Over the last year and a half, several airline loyalty programs decided to ditch their awards charts and switch to dynamic award pricing. This includes one of my favorite programs — Air France /Flying Blue — along with others like Hawaiian Airlines (which is now offering a range of miles for each flight) and United MileagePlus. Of course, Delta SkyMiles hasn’t had an award chart since 2015.

Airlines dropping award charts isn’t anything new, but it is annoying. After all, how can you plan for an award when you have no idea how many miles you’ll need once you’re ready to book? It’s hard enough to find Saver availability — or the cheapest flights in miles on any given route — with an award chart. Now we are basically left to guess and hope for the best.

My Airline Rewards Strategy
The erratic behavior airline loyalty programs exhibit is one of the reasons I think loyalty is dumb — at least for me. There’s zero chance I’m going to stick with an airline that may or may not be the least expensive when they can’t even inform me of how many miles I’ll need for an award.

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How I’m Gearing Up for Dynamic Awards Pricing | Frugal Travel Guy.

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