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IBM Makes The Mainframe More Accessible With New ‘Tailored Fit Pricing’ Program | Forbes

Last month, IBM announced its new Tailored Fit Pricing program for Z mainframes, a major pricing overhaul which I believe will make Z more accessible to enterprise customers and to better position it, in IBM’s words, as “the center of a secured hybrid cloud strategy.” We have written about many of the new consumption-based models and are excited about IBM’s as it removes a big objection to keeping and deploying new apps to Z. Let’s dive in and take a closer look.

Consumption-based model for software

The concept behind Tailored Fit Pricing is fairly simple: Z software pricing adjusts according to usage. Tailor Fit Pricing includes two different models—the Enterprise Consumption Solution and Enterprise Capacity Solution. The models look to deliver the flexibility of consumption-based pricing or “all-in” with the economies of scale necessary for IBM z/OS workloads. A huge benefit of these solutions is that they eliminate the need for capping, which is restrictive and can adversely affect responsiveness and service level availability. I believe that both models present good alternatives to the traditional sub-capacity “rolling four-hour average” (R4HA) pricing model, which tends to result in IT staff having to micromanage infrastructure to minimize costs. Additionally, these Tailored Fit Pricing models should make billing more predictable for businesses.

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IBM Makes The Mainframe More Accessible With New ‘Tailored Fit Pricing’ Program.

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