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In my May 13, 2019 blog I declared my decision to convert my practice to Value Pricing. As part of my preparation, I interviewed someone who had already made the switch for her practice, Serah Blackstone-Fredericks of Books In Harmony. In this post, I share my thoughts on why Value Pricing is the right choice for my practice.

I opened my bookkeeping practice about 15 years ago, and I am still a Sole Proprietor. As such, I have to carefully choose my clients to create a balanced workload ensuring I have enough work, but not too much. Like most people who started out 15 years ago, I billed my clients an hourly rate. Isn’t that the first question new prospects ask during the initial call, “What’s your hourly rate?” Each year, as I gained more experience and certifications, and I attended industry conferences and gained more practical knowledge, I inched up my hourly rate in an annual letter to my clients.

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My Value Pricing Journey.

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