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Netflix Vs Disney Streaming Service: Bob Iger Reveals The Main Difference | IBT

A brand in progress Vs an established brand

Obviously, the $210 billion Disney sees the $159 billion streaming leader Netflix as the main competition.

“While I think Netflix has done a good job of creating brand value, and name value and a product that I think is considered of great value to a lot of people, they’re still building their brand in many respects,” Iger said.

Disney, according to Iger is quite ahead in its stronger customer connect which he calls as “visceral.”

Netflix, despite its 140 million paid subscribers, is no match to Disney on its global presence and brand power.

The challenge lies in translating Disney’s brand power into a market opportunity for the streaming industry.

That is why Disney is emphasizing strategic pricing to ensure that it is accessible to millions and millions of its stakeholders such as Disney fans, Marvel fans, Pixar fans, and ‘Star Wars’ fans are aligned with it.

“The sheer number of people worldwide that know our brands that interact with our brands on a daily basis, spending money on our brands is huge. And no other company has that scale.”

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Netflix Vs Disney Streaming Service: Bob Iger Reveals The Main Difference.

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