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New public cloud pricing models sweep the enterprise | TechTarget

Cloud providers kicked off 2016 with numerous price cuts and new cloud pricing models. Big vendors such as Amazon Web Services, Azure and Google are reducing prices on older technology to make way for newer products, such as reserved instance types, as well as trying to get enterprises to move to cloud.

“Competitive cost cutting in cloud comes in cycles and it seems Amazon and Microsoft have ushered into a new phase” says David Linthicum, SVP of Cloud Technology partners, a cloud consulting firm in Boston, during a recent podcast.

In his podcast, Linthicum talks with Joel Davne, founder and CEO at Cloudnexa, an AWS Premier Partner based in Philadelphia, about evolving cloud pricing models, as well as other topics, including Amazon Web Services (AWS) Scheduled Reserved Instances (SRI).

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New public cloud pricing models sweep the enterprise.

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