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New York Considering Bill To Ban ‘Pink Tax’ Pricing Disparities | HuffPost

The New York state legislature is debating a bill this week that would ban the so-called “pink tax,” the designation for the additional charge that is often slapped onto products marketed for women.

New York Assemblywoman Nily Rozic (D), who first introduced the bill in 2017, experienced firsthand disparities in the pricing of products based on the gender they’re marketed for — for instance, when she bought a razor, body wash and scooters for her nieces and nephews.

“In everyday life, I’ve seen how gender pricing can impact a woman’s wallet,” Rozic told HuffPost. Now, she said, “it’s incumbent on us in the state legislature to shore that up, make sure that consumers are not being taken advantage of.”

The bill would ban businesses from pricing products that share at least 90 percent of their ingredients differently based on the gender they are manufactured or marketed for. That is, it would prohibit them from charging women more for products like razors and shampoo, just because they’re considered women’s products.

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New York Considering Bill To Ban ‘Pink Tax’ Pricing Disparities | HuffPost.

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