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Oracle Analytics Cloud update unifies BI products, pricing | TechTarget

Oracle Analytics Cloud now offers a consistent UI and all-in-one pricing for Oracle’s analytics tools. But an on-premises BI update is also on the way for cloud holdouts.

Oracle is combining nearly 20 BI and analytics products into an updated version of its Oracle Analytics Cloud platform with a unified UI and a single price for all of the software. But it also plans a new release of its legacy on-premises BI tools with added functionality available only in the cloud platform now — a move Oracle hopes will stop users who don’t want to go to the cloud from defecting to rival vendors.

Oracle executives, who detailed the new offerings at an event streamed live via a webcast, said Oracle Analytics Cloud will be the flagship product in the company’s BI and analytics portfolio, now coalesced under the Oracle Analytics brand. The updated cloud platform is designed to simplify the licensing and use of Oracle’s BI tools, according to T.K. Anand, its senior vice president of AI, data analytics and cloud.

The revamped Oracle Analytics Cloud pulls together Oracle’s traditional BI reporting software and its newer self-service BI and data visualization tools, plus a set of augmented analytics features designed to help end users find, prepare and analyze relevant data. “Instead of having purpose-built analytics tools, this is one integrated product that offers all of them,” Anand said in an interview before the webcast.

Available now, the update provides a common user experience across its various components, but Anand said end users will see only the particular tools they need. Oracle has also boiled “a plethora of editions and product SKUs” down into two all-in-one pricing options, he said. A Professional edition aimed at workgroups and departments costs $20 per user monthly, while an Enterprise edition covers an unlimited number of users for a monthly fee of $2,000 per Oracle compute unit, or OCPU, the metric that the company uses to track consumption of processing resources by cloud customers.

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Oracle Analytics Cloud update unifies BI products, pricing.

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