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Oracle is starting a price war with Amazon | Business Insider

So Amazon built a service that does it for them, called Amazon Web Services Database Migration Service (DMS) . It promises to easily move Oracle’s customers (and other databases) to Amazon’s database in the AWS cloud.

Now, Oracle is fighting back. It has launched its own AWS-killer cloud service, (aka Infrastructure as a Service) and wants to win customers the old-fashioned way: a price war.

So said Larry Ellison, Oracle Chairman and CTO, in the press release where Oracle reported a disappointing first quarter earnings:

“Next week at Oracle OpenWorld, we will introduce the second generation of our Infrastructure as a Service. Our Generation2 IaaS delivers twice the compute, twice the memory, four times the storage and ten times more I/O at a 20% lower price than Amazon Web Services. IaaS represents a huge new cloud opportunity for Oracle to layer on top of our rapidly growing SaaS and PaaS businesses.”

Currently, Oracle isn’t considered much of a contender in this part of the cloud computing market.

Most in the industry see it as three-horse race with Amazon way out in front in every way from revenue to features, Microsoft nipping at its heels and Google a distant but gaining on ’em third.

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Oracle is starting a price war with Amazon – Business Insider.

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