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Pay-What-You-Want Cafes Evolve in Colorado | Denver, CO Patch

DENVER, CO — At some groundbreaking Colorado community cafes, guests from all walks of life eat a nourishing, organic meal at a price they can afford. Some guests give little extra, some give a recommended amount, and some volunteer their time in exchange for lunch. The non-profit Pay-What-You-Can cafe business model — with its epicenter in Denver — is evolving as a way to deliver nourishing meals to the hungry in a respectful and dignified setting.

Changes came this summer to two of the cafes. Community cafe pioneers at Denver’s SAME Cafe (So All May Eat) hired an executive director in July. The founders of Fort Collins’ FoCo Cafe (Feeding our Community Ourselves) stepped down and hired a director and new chef in August.

The pay-what-you-can restaurant concept started in 2003 in Salt Lake City. The idea has inspired around 60 restaurants in the U.S. There are three in Colorado.

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Pay-What-You-Want Cafes Evolve in Colorado | Denver, CO Patch.

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