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Price Transparency Can Improve Ambulance Rides and Save You Money | IWF

No one wants to find themselves dialing 911. Unfortunately, life takes unexpected turns and having emergency responders is something to be thankful for. That being said, ambulance rides are notoriously expensive, and not always medically necessary. Because specific internal paperwork, third-party preferences in hospital, and lack of competition, people in emergency situations are often left no choice but to wait for a large impending ambulance bill.

Over the hot Independence Day weekend, I found myself in this situation. My teenage sister suddenly fell to the ground and suffered a small Vasovagel seizure due to dehydration, low iron levels, and standing up too fast. Because she has never had a history of seizures or fainting, this was quite the scary situation. I decided to call 911 as she was being tended to by the rest of my family. By the time the ambulance arrived–just a few minutes later–she was already fully conscious and sitting up. Luckily my sister is doing just fine, and an episode like this should not happen again.

Was an ambulance ride medically necessary at that point? Or, could we have driven her to the ER ourselves and saved on the bills to come? We could not make an informed choice because no estimated cost was given, and she took the ride to the hospital just to be safe.

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IWF – Price Transparency Can Improve Ambulance Rides and Save You Money.

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