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Pricing Strategies for Amazon That Always Work | RepricerExpress

As an Amazon seller, you probably know that each product can have many sellers. However, how do some sellers manage to capture the Buy Box, while others get side-tracked to the list at the bottom? While Amazon has never openly claimed that pricing is a determinant of whether or not you make it to the buy box, we have observed over time that it indeed is.

Coupled with factors such as your rating as a seller, customer satisfaction levels, the number and frequency of sales you’ve made, among other unknowns, the price of your product plays some role in deciding whether or not you’ll become the featured seller for a product.

Even in general, you want to ensure that your product pricing follows a few general guidelines to stand out on a marketplace like Amazon, while also leaving you the maximum possible margins.

Here are a few pricing strategies you can apply to do better as an Amazon retailer.

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Pricing Strategies for Amazon That Always Work – RepricerExpress.

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