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Project Design: Pricing – how to keep up in an ever-changing landscape | Hidden Wires

We have all been there; you need to get a proposal out the door today, there are a million and one other things all screaming for your attention and then you realise half the items in your proposal don’t have up-to-date prices.

What is the solution? The answer is CSV.

Yes, believe it or not this trusty old file format can help, as it’s compatible for data import to most programs you might use to create a proposal.

So how can this help keep our pricing up to date you might ask. Well almost every if not all of the suppliers to our industry can supply their pricing information in an Excel or CSV format (to date I haven’t come across a supplier who can’t) – this is a really good starting point.

The next thing is being able to extract just the information you need from this price list to keep your prices up to date. This is where some nifty Excel work to create a master template for each supplier is required. Some suppliers give RRP’s inc. VAT, others excluding, so we need a master template for each one which we can copy and paste the latest pricing to.

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Project Design: Pricing – how to keep up in an ever-changing landscape.

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