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She was the next contestant on “The Price Is Right” | The Sentinel

While waiting in line for “The Price Is Right” tickets March 29, Eva McQueen-Gates offered her pricing strategy to her three sisters and their friends if someone selected her for the show.

It was an idea the 63-year-old Brandywine resident thought about when she began watching the show while she was in high school.

“No matter what nobody did, I was going to bet $1,” McQueen-Gates said. “Even if they bid $2, I would still bet $1. It was a big joke.”

Hours later, standing with three other contestants at the podium in CBS Television Studios, McQueen-Gates implemented her plan.

The other three players overestimated the price of Windows Nextbook Flexx tablets, which had a retail price of $505.

McQueen-Gates’ bid of $1 allowed her the chance to go on stage to win a Dodge Dart SE.

With five numbers at her disposal, McQueen-Gates had two tries to guess the fourth digit of the car’s five-digit price.

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She was the next contestant on “The Price Is Right”.

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