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Students express frustrations at financial aid forum | The Justice

Avery clarified that Brandeis’ financial support works by evaluating the family’s “ability to pay, not willingness to pay.” She added that if willingness to pay was considered for all students, “We would probably cover the full cost [of a lot of students’ educations].”

Dean Adams, reading from his phone, asked the group to explain the actual reason behind the annual tuition increases via a question submitted online. Solomon responded that about 60 percent of the increase goes to salaries and benefits for the faculty and staff. “We feel… that it’s important to give raises to the staff every year because they’re working hard, and because… the cost of living goes up,” he said. Other contributing factors include  the increasing cost of library acquisitions, he explained, along with inflation and utilities.

Brown asked why Brandeis is so expensive compared to other elite schools.The current total cost of tuition and fees is $56,970 for the upcoming academic year, compared to $55,040 for the 2018–2019 academic year, per the University’s respective tuition websites. Solomon said a number of factors contribute, including economies of scale, the University’s large research budget and the cost of PhD  programs.

Economies of scale refers to the reduction in costs to produce goods as the amount of goods produced increases. For example, if a truck uses a liter of gas to transport a gallon of milk from the dairy farm to the supermarket, that same truck would use less fuel per gallon of milk if it were transporting 100 gallons. Likewise, because Brandeis has a smaller student body than many other research universities, the cost of attendance per student is higher than at other institutions.

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Students express frustrations at financial aid forum | The Justice.

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