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Texas Rangers’ considering adopting Atlanta Falcons style menu [Video] | Fort Worth Star-Telegram

One of the biggest complaints non-season ticket holders have, virtually in every major sports venue in North America, is the price gouge on food and drink at the concession stands. The fan is conditioned to pay at least $10 for a 16 oz. beer, or $6 for a Coke, among other ripoffs.

Paying $6 for a regular hot dog is something out of the Starbucks’ CEO Howard Schultz playbook of price gouging on basic items that cost little to produce.

What the Falcons did exceeded their expectations, certainly in revenue.

The prices offered by the Falcons in 2017 were less than half the average on those items that were offered at other NFL stadiums, according to Team Marketing Report.

What the Falcons, and Atlanta United of MLS, both discovered is that fans came to the game earlier, and actually spent more. The Falcons were braced to see revenue drop on these select concession items, but the reverse occurred and they saw an increase of concession spending by 16 percent per fan.

In Aug. ‘18, the team expanded its menu featuring more “fan friendly” pricing. A 12 oz. beer was priced at $5, and a 20 oz. beer for $7.

The team added five items all priced at $10 or less; Italian Sausage ($7); brats ($8); burgers ($8); chicken sandwich ($10); chili cheese fries ($9), and cheese fries ($5).

According to Team Marketing Report, which tracks how much fans spend at major league sporting venues across the U.S., the Falcons began a trend to slightly decrease concession items. At least in the NFL.

The average fan who attended a Rangers’ home game spent about $26 in 2018 on concession items. That’s about $6 less than the average for a fan at the other 29 MLB ballparks.

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Texas Rangers’ considering adopting Atlanta Falcons style menu | Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

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