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The 3 Mindset Shifts That Will Make Your Pricing Twice As Profitable | ACCOA

Pricing is something that most accountants struggle with…

They’re stuck using ‘old-fashioned’ models that are damaging for their profits, and their time.

One of the reasons you’re stuck with your current pricing model – is because of your mindset.

If you don’t change this mindset, then you’ll find yourself left behind in the ‘old way’ of doing things, working too hard and writing-off profit.

Alternatively, if you change your pricing mindset, then you’ll be able to utilise more profitable pricing strategies which allow you to grow your practice whilst working less.

With that in mind, here are 3 mindset shifts you need to make if you want a more profitable pricing model in your practice:

1. Your clients are not price-sensitive, they are value-sensitive

Most accountants are too cheap.

And even the practices who aren’t the cheapest could still get away with increasing their fees even more.

One of the main reasons that most accountants are too cheap, is because they think that all their clients are price-sensitive.

This isn’t true.

Around 14% of clients are price-sensitive – and guess what? These are the wrong clients!

And if you find yourself only attracting this kind of clients, then it says something about your ‘message’ and ‘positioning’ in the market.

The truth is that the majority of clients are value-sensitive.

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The 3 Mindset Shifts That Will Make Your Pricing Twice As Profitable.

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