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The rise of dynamic pricing in UK supermarkets | Dispatch Weekly

Supermarkets are changing their product prices depending on the day, time, season or demand. Dynamic – or surge pricing is a common practice in the hospitality, and travel industries. It now seems the trend has made its way into online grocery stores and is now looking to enter brick and mortar supermarkets.

Most people experience surge pricing when trying to book flights online or when booking an uber during peak times. Although this practice has previously only been available for companies that had the technology available to them, the introduction of electronic display price labels may be changing the retail game.

Supermarkets can insert electronic pricing by using a combination of electronic labels, supplied by companies like DisplayData, and customer data on purchase behaviour. Electronic labels can convey information about stock, incorporate social media reviews, and even connect with smartphones to send customers targeted promotions.

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The rise of dynamic pricing in UK supermarkets – Dispatch Weekly.

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