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Theme Parks Fail Disney at the Worst Possible Time | The Motely Fool

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A brutal summer heatwave and tourism-snuffing political tension have been challenging for Disney, but the House of Mouse also pulled some strings to swap quantity for quality when it comes to revenue-generating guests this summer.

  • Disney raises ticket prices every year, but this has been a rare case with double-digit percentage hikes in 2019.
  • Shifting to a tiered pricing strategy three years ago makes peak-period visits more expensive.
  • Recently shaking up its annual passes into more categories means a lot of regulars were blocked out during the busy summer season.
  • At Disney World, its first major ride addition for 2019 doesn’t open until late August.

Florida won’t get Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge opening officially until later this month, but Disneyland’s 14-acre expansion has been up and running since late May. I checked it out for three consecutive days late last week, surprised that the immersive Star Wars-themed area seemed less crowded than the rest of the park. It could be that there’s just one ride available, with the more ambitious Rise of the Resistance attraction still months away from completion. However, even CEO Bob Iger’s initial stance that Disney wouldn’t have to do much in terms of marketing to get the word out has changed. I ran into a pair of billboards heading out of a rival theme park last week.

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Theme Parks Fail Disney at the Worst Possible Time.

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