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This $10,000 in Sony Gear Cost $500 Thanks to Amazon’s Glitch | PetaPixel

Amazon sparked a frenzy and made headlines last week after an apparent pricing glitch allowed customers to buy extremely expensive cameras and lenses, including one worth $13,000, for just $94.48 each. Today we have a closer look at how one photographer made out like a bandit.

At the time we originally reported on the strange “sale,” some photographers had already received their ultra-cheap gear, others reported that it was in transit, and others said that their purchases were on backorder.

While it was assumed that the in-transit shipments were essentially guaranteed to arrive in their lucky purchasers’ hands, many people believed that Amazon would catch wind of the story and cancel the backordered orders to reverse and reduce the mistake.

But it seems that has not been the case: Amazon appears to still be honoring the unbelievable price errors by shipping out the backordered products as inventory is replenished.

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This $10,000 in Sony Gear Cost $500 Thanks to Amazon’s Glitch.

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