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Transparency in advertising is simple – just ask for it | MarketingTech

Pinning transparency to the wall
The mistake that many people make is to try and understand transparency as a singular, tangible ‘thing’. The truth is, it can refer to a whole host of practices and behaviours.

For many brands, the original impetus behind their pursuit of transparency came from a desire to identify where and how their budget is being spent – exactly how much does everything cost? But advertisers’ questions shouldn’t stop there.

Yes, price transparency is very important. And, at The Trade Desk, we are proud to offer 100% price transparency through customised, itemised billing setting out our fees and external costs – so advertisers can track their pound throughout a campaign. But it is equally important for players to be explicit about everything from the data partners they work with, to how they deliver the right ads to the right audiences.

And with that knowledge should come freedom of choice – a key ingredient for true transparency. Our open marketplace means buyers can choose which tools to plug into the platform.

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Transparency in advertising is simple – just ask for it – Marketing Tech News.

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