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United Adopts Dynamic Pricing for Award Seats | Skift

Starting later this year, United Airlines is removing its published chart used for pricing award seats and adopting a dynamic model for pricing.

Depending on the type of traveler, this can be good or bad. With dynamic pricing, United can now slide the price of award seats down when demand is low — say for a flight to Europe in January or February — opening access for a whole new segment of budget or flexible travelers.

Passengers used to predictable and transparent tiers of award pricing may find less value in the new model. As an extension of United’s new flexibility, it also now has the power to ratchet award seat prices through the roof around Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Dynamic pricing will go into effect at United on November 15, just weeks before the holiday season. Until then, MileagePlus members will still use United’s tiered system with the added benefit of some dynamically lowered fares. Close-in booking fees will also be removed at that time.

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United Adopts Dynamic Pricing for Award Seats – Skift.

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