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Will InVision’s Pricing Strategy Continue to Work? | Design Systems

InVision does have a free option. However, as your grow your team the costs grow as well. As you can see from the pricing snapshot below taken from the InVision site there is a reasonable progression in pricing. Like most SaaS companies, you won’t readily get access to the enterprise pricing online. Locking on enterprise customers is everyone’s dream because they can really be the cash cows that help you drive better profit and grow your business.

I’ve had many talks with InVision sales representatives about their enterprise pricing. They will happily send you a quote if you reach out to them but brace yourself for the sticker shock. Here’s the breakdown:

  • If you have more than 5 users, then you hit enterprise
  • Developer needs to see specs? $35/month, $420/year
  • Stakeholder wants to comment? $35/month, $420/year
  • Marketer wants to participate in a mood board? $35/month, $420/year
  • You get the point

People are Clearly Paying for it.

Every time I talk to an InVision sales rep it goes down pretty close to this:

Me: Have you changed your pricing model yet? Is it still $35 per user no matter what type of user it is?

InVision: Yes.

Me: I can’t justify spending $420 per year per developer to just look at specs when there are free tools out there that do the same thing. Can’t you have a dev license that is free or only a few dollars since they won’t use anything else?

InVision: We understand, and we have heard this quite a bit, but at the moment we do not have other pricing options, but we can lower the price if you get enough licenses.

So, why are people paying for it? I literally have no idea. The last InVision sales representative I worked with I had to explain that as a product design manager I would not be doing my job to put that type of cost burden on my company when I know there are better options out there. That’s exactly what it will take for InVision to fix their pricing model. People have to stop paying for it.

InVision has a bright future, but they need to align their pricing with their users just as they have aligned their tools to their users. A developer that just needs to view specs should not be $420 a year. Their response has been the same to me about their pricing model over the past two years, so we’ll see if enough design leaders take my approach and go down the path of putting your dollars elsewhere.

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Will InVision’s Pricing Strategy Continue to Work? – Design Systems.

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